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Hear From Our Cooking Queens 

Brenda Williams

Great time making this vegetable soup tonight. I love hearing the recommendations as we cook. As a result, I added white beans and broccoli to my meatless soap. It is delicious. Great idea Dr. Lauren to freeze a batch.

Angela McDaniel 

This salad tonight was so delicious!! I learned we should not add a branch of unhealthy stuff to our salads like bacon bits, white creamy dressings, and candied nuts!! There are so many healthy alternatives. This salad was just right!! 

Brandy Gallien Malbrough  

Made my stuffed acorn squash today, tastes yummy! I only sampled since I'll be eating it later for dinner. I stuffed them in this dish so I can put the lid on it. I had some leftover stuffing so I may nibble on that for lunch. 


Carolyn Wieland  

That was fun and yummy! Thank you Dr.Lauren!! What did I learn: Not every meal needs to be fancy-schmancy or require a lot of effort. And, I'm not a huge fan of sweet potatoes! 






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